The presentation of the first capsule collection of unique cashmere sweaters called the 12 Zodiac Signs made by Maison Kaleidoscope, a new brand which will become the 7KA ambassador brand, took place in the very heart of Moscow, in the Stories gastronomic restaurant owned by Andrei Zamoruev. Maison Kaleidoscope is the first line of the brand which includes not only Mongolian cashmere sweaters with gold embroideries, but also lace printed dresses as well as suits made of the most exclusive fabrics from around the world. Each product will remind us of the pattern that we see in a kaleidoscope - prints change from collection to collection, but quality stays. You can thus wear the garments made by the Maison Kaleidoscope brand all your life and pass it from generation to generation.

Sweaters in four colors were presented at the event, namely blue, beige, gray and dark gray. On each sweater, a zodiac sign is embroidered with gold threads. Famous IT girls took part in a special photo shoot dedicated to the brand’s launch, with each successful lady representing her own star sign: Yasmina Muratovch, Anna Tikhomirova, Elena Zakharova, Irina Tchaikovskaya, Anna Russka, Sofia Nikitchuk, Kristina Levieva, Snezhina Kulova and others. The photoshoot was made in pastel colors characteristic of the brand. During the presentation, guests savoured the dishes prepared by chef Vladislav Korpusov, who received the title of Estonian best chef, as well as sipped Cointreau cocktails. Anna Tikhomirova, Irina Tchaikovskaya, Maria Kozhevnikova, Elena Zakharova, Anastasia Meskova, Kristina Levieva, Svetlana Amova, Anastasia Khozisova, Daniil Fedorov, Alisa Tolkacheva and many others were all present at the event.