Dinner for the partners of the ANNARUSSKA Group in a family friendly atmosphere


On October 15, a truly “Russian” dinner was held in the restaurant of contemporary Russian cuisine Uhvat. The ANNARUSSKA Group represented by the producer center for brand creation and development (AR Group Brand Producing and Development (AR BP&D)), organized a very special dinner for its partners and friends. Anna Russka gathered them all at one sumptuous festive table with true Russian-style hospitality. Autumn serving motifs in tandem with real Russian stoves, in which refined dishes were "languishing" over a slow fire, created a unique atmosphere of homely comfort and warmth. However, the seasonal signature set prepared by Viktor Belei, the Uhvat restaurant ‘s renowned chef, deserves special mention since that particular extravaganza of tastes and flavours was undoubtedly appreciated by each of the guests present.

In his gastronomic set, Victor Belei presented a modern take on the Russian culinary tradition and a fresh look at everyone’s favorite food from the Mimosa salad and buckwheat porridge with porcini mushrooms and red caviar to Karelian zander with ptim pasta, crab meat and cream sauce and duck leg with apple chutney and red cabbage. Desserts were represented by cheesecakes with cherry sauce and custard and everyone’s favourite honey pie (‘medovik’). The partners of the AR Group Brand Producing and Development (AR BP&D) company, namely Kirill and Ekaterina Kombarova, Anna Tikhomirova, Kristina Levieva, Milana Pitch, Alisa Tolkacheva, Irina Tchaikovskaya, Victoria Yakubovskaya, Dmitry Chograshi, Daria Davydova, Annates Rudman, Daniil Fedorov and many others were the first to evaluate the author’s gastronomic set and get to know Victor Belei personally. At the end of the evening, all guests were presented with gifts from the ANNARUSSKA Group wrapped in recognizable branded white packages, as well as with personal loyalty cards of the Uhvat restaurant.