Rolls-Royce Motorcars, in collaboration with Swiss watchmakers BOVET 1822, created a unique pair of watches that became an elegant addition to the Boat Tail car. The designers, engineers, and craftsmen of the two luxury homes have joined forces, committed to the common values of excellence, precision, innovation, and attention to detail.

These products are one of a kind and are a new concept in both the automotive and watchmaking world. The Amadeo flip case watch is made in two versions – for him and her. The transformer mechanism allows you to wear them on your wrist, as well as use them as a desk clock, a pendant, a pocket watch, or place them in the central panel of the Boat Tail. By virtue of the tourbillon, both products work with perfect precision.

The case of this watch is made of 18-karat white gold, and the dial is decorated with a marquetry inlay in Caleidolegno wood, which is decorated with the back of the Boat Tail car. The watch is decorated with a miniature figure "Spirit of Ecstasy" in white gold. The final detail is the engraving of the names of the customers. The gentleman's watch is highly polished, and the lady's watch is engraved and filled with blue paint.

On the flip side, the chronometers are even more individual. Men's watches are decorated with an aventurine dial with the image of the starry sky - an exact copy of the location of the stars on the day and place of birth of their owner. Ladies ' watches with a pearlescent colored dial are decorated with a miniature picture of a bouquet. Each dial features a Boat Tail silhouette with engraved details, including wheels, handles, and mirrors.

The creation of these devices, including the styling, design, drawing of a miniature painting, inlay in the marquetry technique, and the manufacture of a unique case, took at least 3,000 hours.