Caring for the environment and the ocean has recently become a real mainstream. And this can not but rejoice us, because today the amount of plastic waste concentrated in the oceans of the planet exceeds all conceivable and unimaginable indicators. According to recent studies, over the past 10 years, more plastic products have been produced in the world than in the previous century, and the amount of plastic debris that floats in the North Pacific today has increased 100 times over the past 40 years. The hope for the best still does not fade, especially since the struggle for a clean ocean is fought by both the world's major brands of clothing and cosmetics, and ordinary people. More and more bloggers and opinion shapers show by their own example how to and should reduce the consumption of plastic in everyday life. Plastic bags are replaced with rag bags, glasses with glass kippaps, familiar toothbrushes with bamboo alternatives, and plastic tubes with glass and paper.

More and more zero waste shops are appearing in Moscow, in which everyone can find an environmentally friendly replacement for their everyday items. More recently, eco-activists were also pleased with the Dior Fashion House, which released a set of six glass straws for handmade drinks. They are packed in a box with a golden brand logo and animalistic print in the style of toile de Jouy patterns, which were first used by Maria Grazia Curie in the Resort 2019 collection. The cost of the set is 120 pounds (about $ 147). You can buy it on the official Dior website and in boutiques of the French house.

We also share with you links to green alternative stores where you can buy glass tubes at more affordable prices. And along with the tubes, look for reusable bags, bags, glasses and cutlery, the use of which will help you get one step closer to a happy life without empty waste.