How to wake up in the morning without coffee

Or living without addiction...

Could our African ancestors, that discovered the coffee tree, ever imagine how modern people would depend on this black drink? Millions of people worldwide cannot imagine their morning, or sometimes a whole day, without this sacred beverage. While many of them do not even get proper effect. Instead of vigor and high spirits one just gets increased heart rate, dullness and yellow teeth. Then ask yourself: are you a coffeman, enjoying a cup of coffee made of freshly roasted beans? Or a coffee addict, consuming coffee in huge amounts and only harming your organism? If you with a heavy heart classify yourself under the second category, it is time for you to immediately start fighting this harmful habit. The only help would be your willpower and some advice from us. So, how to wake up in a morning without a cup of liquid drug and stay vigor for a whole day:

First, it is worth remembering that human is a daytime creature, so natural sunlight affects our biological clock’s start. Try to open the curtain right after waking up and gaze for a bit on a sunlight.

Using sunlight is not so easy in winter, as we only see the daylight on the way to work. That is why during winter it is especially important to maintain your sleeping schedule. Because no coffee can help you feel good, if you only give your body the slightest amount of time to rest. All the most important biological processes responsible for maintaining youth and beauty, good mood and health, take place from 12 p.m. till 4 a.m. So the best time to spend in Morpheus embrace  is 11 p.m., and the best time to start the day is 6-7 a.m. We assure, reestablishing your sleeping schedule will make you love mornings much more.

The perfect way to get some energy is a contrast shower. This kind of tactile stimulation not only provides with liveliness, but also has a good effect on the organism.  

While having a contrast shower turn all your sense organs on. Aroma-stimulation is another great method to get some energy. Enjoy the shower gel’s scent and do not forget perfume afterwards.

Healthy body – healthy spirit! Do not forget about physical exercises. Weight training, yoga, gymnastics, jogging and other exercises can help to activate the brain.

Another one non-caffeine way to obtain some energy is taste stimulation. Do not abandon delicious and nutritious breakfast. Having treated yourself with something tasty in the morning, you can not only start the digesting system, but also provide yourself with great mood for a whole day. And on the next day your brain will be asking not for the cup (read – dose) of coffee, but for something sweet and delicious.

Do not forget to wake your hearing organs. Start the day with lively music or TV news. Both will not let you fall asleep.

And at last, in the beginning of your refusing-coffee path, show yourself some indulgence. If you used to drink dozen cups of coffee in a day, then limit yourself to one caffeine-free coffee. Gradually switch to some strong green tea or chicory. Consequently, you will realize that it is not the coffee that keeps you alive for a whole day.