The marine theme in the works of MB&F received a new development in the Octopod model ("Octopus"). The idea of ​​this table clock with eight pillars and an eight-day power reserve was inspired by squids, marine chronometers and the film "Abyss". The result is an amazing combination of modern design, kinetic sculpture and high-precision clockwork enclosed in a transparent sphere. The Octopus, invented by MB&F designers and manufactured by L’Epée 1839, a leading Swiss manufacturer of table clocks, can stand on articulated leg-pillars or take a sitting position. The height of each leg is adjusted separately, thanks to which Octopod, like all other octopus creatures, remains stable even on the most uneven surface.

However, the most curious is its transparent spherical "head", which contains clockwork and has a number of interesting features. The clock mechanism of the Octopus is suspended in the crystal sphere in such a way that it feels as if it is floating in the air (or floating in water). The mechanism plate is a transparent glass plate with anti-reflective coating on both sides, making it almost invisible. Like an octopus, which is able to change its color, merging with the environment, our "Octopus" applies its masking methods.