The beautiful table set with dishes by Sara Miller London

Add the bright colors in your life


How can you add the bright colors to an everyday life? You can just turn your simple meal into a reason to smile and relax from the every minute’s worries. You will absolutely agree with me, if I say that drinking your favorite coffee or tea from the beautiful and fine porcelain cup is a really pleasurable way of spending your free time in the morning. Replace your dull and ordinary crockery with the shining, colorful and painted service. The English tableware “Portmeirion” in a unique design by Sara Miller London will bring the celebratory atmosphere in your house.

Vivid and memorable hand-drawn illustrations of the rare varieties of flowers and plants served as the basis for the innovate “Chelsea Collection". Tropical patterns, animals, birds and flowers are decorated the tea and dining services “Sara Miller London”. Take a look at the dishes from the “Chelsea collection” by Sara Miller London in our selection to enjoy a palette of colors and add some brightness to your everyday routine.