Restaurant Uhvat: russian way of gastronomy

Русская кухня в современном профессиональном исполнении


In Moscow, as in any other mega-cities with incredibly rich life in the context of gastronomical culture, it is no big deal to find a vast variety of world’s national cuisines – whether it’s Italian or Peruvian food. However, from time to time Russian soul is longing for genuine Russian cuisine. Sometimes we do not want sashimi or pasta for dinner, but wishing those potato pasties from our childhood or hot borsch right out of the oven. And, of course, we want to introduce our friends from all over the world to the very Russian cuisine, more specifically, its modern and professional interpretation. Modern Russian oven cuisine – that is the concept of the new Moscow restaurant Uhvat. Huge Russian ovens are constructed by unique project, combining age-old traditions with daring innovations. Those are also the principles of Uhvat’s culinary philosophy: the restaurant successfully proves that in today’s world Russian cuisine can be healthy, intriguing, unconventional, light and aesthetic, in one word, – trendy.

The unity of traditional Russian cooking methods and the newest European cooking techniques happens owing to brand-chef of the restaurant Uhvat – Viktor Beley. Viktor Beley is a winner of the national preliminary competition of the international culinary competition Bocuse d’Or 2019 Russia. Viktor will be representing Russia on the European preliminaries of Bocuse d’Or 2020 in Tallin. He has more than 10-years working experience in the leading Moscow restaurants and vast experience of the international trainings abroad. He was serving at the summits, in which Russian Heads of Government and foreign Heads of State were participating. Viktor Beley is a respected expert in the domestic gastronomic products and cooking technologies. Uhvat is not an artifact for him, but an important “tool” of everyday work.

Restaurant Uhvat is based in the historical building of “Trigornaya manufactory”. Simple, elegant and majestic interior: a spacious hall, huge windows, designer chandelier from Gus Khrustalny. The heart of the restaurant is an open oven. Enormous Russian ovens are constructed by unique project, combining age-old traditions with daring innovations.