On the threshold of the Women’s Day, we traditionally share with you the best offers of Moscow restaurants. If you have not yet come up with a reason to have dinner in a restaurant with friends or a soulmate then nothing would be better than International Women's Day. Moscow places have prepared the most festive program, the most delicious desserts and the most pleasant compliments for lovely ladies. An unforgettable dinner in a wonderful atmosphere is already guaranteed, it remains only to choose where exactly it will take place!

“Turandot” invites all the ladies to celebrate March 8 as a festive brunch and dinner. In the afternoon of March 7 and 8, guests will be transported to spring Paris. The restaurant will be filled with melodies of French chansonnier, and mimes will cheer guests up. All kinds of snacks, desserts and main dishes, signature of chef Dmitry Yeremeyev will be traditionally available in buffet style. A manually painted domed ceiling, carved stucco moldings on the walls, a baroque chinoiserie-style interior and genuine antiques - like decorations for a ceremonial brunch dedicated to the tender half of humanity. On the evening of March 8th, each lady will be presented with a memorable surprise, and at the end of dinner, each guest will have a choice of a portion of Hennessy V.S.O.P. or a cocktail based on it. The evening will be accompanied by the Romeo Therapy Jazz Orchestra. They will sing about how we dream, love and live.

The “AVIATOR” restaurant, located on the 52nd floor of the Federation Tower in Moscow City, provides not only a stunning view of the panorama of Moscow drowning in lights, priceless memories and shots, but also an exclusive menu for lovers from the chef of the AVIATOR restaurant.

In the restaurant “Novikov” on the occasion of the holiday on March 8, special surprises were prepared for beautiful ladies. So, throughout the day, every participant of the occasion will receive fresh flowers as a compliment, and in the evening, during the gala dinner, guests will be able to draw out a lucky ticket: it will help to win valuable prizes. Among those there are a congratulation from the restaurant, a gift from the Italian brand of professional cosmetics for face and body care [comfort zone] and certificates to the network of clinics of innovative cosmetology Gen_87. Tables on a festive evening will decorate dishes of fresh fish and seafood by chef Aleksey Arbuzov, and the musical accompaniment will provide an exquisite saxophone: well-known and beloved tunes will be performed on it. The incendiary DJ set from VLAD HARDY will continue to create a mood.

Restaurant “Stories” has prepared a sweet surprise for guests. Pastry chef Stories has prepared an exclusive dessert - jelly on a sparkling trouser with a hint of rose, which can only be tasted on March 8th.

The “Veterok” restaurant always brightly and solemnly hosts the “March 8th” holiday and this year will be a magical evening. Delicious cuisine from the legendary chef Ruslan Mutaliev, candles and a romantic atmosphere will make the evening unforgettable.