Montblanc presented the first smart-headphones

Perfect gadget for travellers


Montblanc House presents the first model of smart-headphones designed for those who value perfect comfort, advanced functionality and impeccable quality. With these elegant headphones, any trip - whether it be a tourist cruise or a business trip - will be calm, pleasant and productive. Convenient feature: the headphones fold easily and do not take up much space in the travel bag. The life of a successful person is impossible without travel, and a modern traveler will definitely need high-quality headphones. Those accustomed to travel and flight will appreciate the functionality of Montblanc wireless over-ear headphones:

• Active noise reduction technology

• Impressive sound quality

• Ergonomic design for increased comfort

• Durability Guaranteed: top quality materials and flawless performance

• Google Assistant with personalized voice control on the go

• Compatible with many Bluetooth devices, including those running on iOS and Android

Montblanc headphones come in three combinations: black leather and chromed metal trim, brown leather and gold metal trim, as well as light gray leather and polished metal trim. Each pair of headphones comes in a thin fabric case. The kit includes a USB-C charging cable, an audio cable, and an adapter for charging in the airplane.

Recommended retail price: RUB 42 800

Montblanc smart headphones can be purchased at boutiques and on the website. Sales will begin in March 2020.