The top 25 films about business and success

Risks, ups, downs and incredible spirit in the every film


Of course, when the usual rhythm of a life is severely disrupted, it is hard to keep afloat, especially when you are a businessman or an entrepreneur. New realities require new solutions! While the passage of time has slowed down, we offer you the energy and inspiration of success stories shown in the best movies about business, risks, ups and downs and incredible spirit. Some cinematographic masterpieces will not leave indifferent even to those who intend simply to enjoy watching the picture without thinking about the pressing problems. Let’s go!

1. Pirates of Silicon Valley, 1999

The story of the conquest of the world by computer geniuses-Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The revolution happened when no one was waiting for her. It all started at the dawn of the eighties, in little utility rooms, where two unknown programmers invented and fantasized.

2. The Wolf of Wall Street, 2013

Jordan Belfort became the broker at the successful investment bank in 1987. Later the bank closed after the sudden collapse of the Dow Jones index. On the advice of his wife, Jordan got a job at a little company dealing with small shares. His persistent style of communication with clients and innate charisma quickly bore fruit. He became friends with the house neighbor Donni who is salesman. Donni quickly found the common language with the Jordan and decided to open the new firm with him. As staff they hired some Belfort’s and his father’s friends and called the company “Stratton Oakmont”. One day, there came the moment when the FBI agent became interested in the rapid enrichment of the Belfort.

3. Margin Call, 2011

September of 2018. The global economic crisis has already begun, but America doesn’t know what kind of disaster lies ahead, and only a group pf top managers on Wall-Street are looking for a cure. These were the most terrifying hours of their lives. They need to decide now and here. At a stake is a lot of money and everyone’s future. There is no limit to the risk on this night.

4. Joy, 2015

The story of four generations. Joy’s girl turns into a woman who becomes the founder and head of a business dynasty.

5. Wall Street, 2019

Bud Fox, a young and ambitious broker, lives in the heart of the world where anything, anything, has its price, everything can be bought and sold. He is determined to reach the top, to become the best. Seeking support, he seeks acquaintance with the old predator Gordon Gekko, and the latter reveals to him secrets of mastery - it is necessary to forget about everything except the main law: «Greed is good!»

6. The Gentlemen, 2019

A smart American who’s been dealing drugs since he was a student, and now he’s come up with a scheme for illegal enrichment using the estates of an impoverished English aristocracy, and he’s made a fortune out of it. Another sleazy journalist comes to Ray, the American’s right-hand man, and offers to buy him a movie script detailing his boss’s crimes with the participation of other members of the London criminal world, a Jewish partner in the Chinese diaspora, black athletes and even a Russian oligarch.

7. Boiler room, 2000

Tired of an unjust life, young cheater Seth Davis opens an underground casino in his apartment. One day, one of the clients offers the guy a job at a brokerage firm where the monthly salary exceeds the casino’s annual income. Seth’s dream of a big payday comes true, but soon the guy begins to realize that everything in life has to be paid for.

8. The Salesman, 2009

The second-hand car salesman Don, boosting unhealthy excitement and playing on the patriotic sensibilities of the buyers, holds a grand Independence Day sale.

9. 99 Francs, 2007

Octave has no equal in the universe: he is an advertising man! He’s the one who decides what you want tomorrow. For him «the person is the same product as all others». Octave works for the largest advertising agency. He’s loaded with money and women and cocaine, but he’s still in doubt. Two things fundamentally change the life of Octave: a romance with Sophie, the most beautiful employee of the agency, and a meeting in the giant milk concern «Madon» about a commercial. Octave breaks down and decides to rebel against the system that spawned him, sabotaging his own advertising campaign.

10. Limitless, 2011

The New York writer Eddie, wishing to overcome a black streak in his life, takes a classified drug called NZT. The pill takes the guy’s brain to work at unrealistic power. This creative drug changes Eddie’s whole life, he is making a lot of money in a short time, but soon he begins to suffer the sinister side effects of the drug. And when he tries to find other NZT geniuses to figure out how to deal with this addiction, he learns the scary truth when he sees

11. Generation II, 2011

Based on the novel by Victor Pelevin, the film «Generation P» is largely based on hallucinations - including Che Guevara’s speech about why and how television destroys a person. However, through the altered reality, the atmosphere of Moscow in the 1990s is painstakingly restored, against which the action of the picture unfolds. Babylen Tatarsky, who found himself in a new life as an employee of the advertising agency, is engaged in promotion of western brands, adapting them to «Russian mentality». Clever and in places enormously funny, saturated with special effects and revelations the film makes a simple and comprehensible complicated story about how former pioneers became advertisers in the service of goddess Ishtar, and «generation Pepsi» chose Coca-Cola.

12. Thank You for Smoking, 2005

Nick Naylor’s job isn’t easy. He should lobby for smoking as much as possible. It would seem absurd to come into conflict with ardent opponents of smoking and try to prove the usefulness of the latter. But that’s how Nick works. And he did a lot of good with it, agitating everyone to smoke on TV talk shows and promoting cigarettes in movies. However, Nick himself never considered smoking to be a useful activity. He makes cigarettes so he has something to live on and raise his son.

13. Jerry Maguire, 1996

Fired for criticizing his superiors, sports agent Jerry Maguire decides to start his own firm. Only two people believe him - Maguire Dorothy and Rod Tidwell, a talented athlete, but brazen and extremely evil. But circumstances don’t stop Jerry - he’s confident and knows exactly what he wants. And everything could have been better if it hadn’t been for his former colleagues. All methods are good for them - especially if you have to prove to the true lover who rules the ball. And Jerry Maguire knows that if he loses, he’ll never get back on his feet.

14. The Aviator, 2004

After getting a small factory from his father, Howard Hughes turned it into a giant, fantastically profitable venture. Became the owner of a huge film company, he made the most expensive film of his time and won the hearts of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses. He owned the most prestigious casinos in Las Vegas, and he set a high-speed flight record, purchased the second largest commercial airline. The money burns Hughes' heart, it haunts him, and his soul swells up. Only there, at several thousand meters, is he truly happy.

15. There Will Be Blood, 2007

The film adaptation of the novel «Oil» is a classic of American literature by Upton Sinclair. The book takes place in the late 1920s in California and describes the rise of an oil company owned by the ambitious and soulless tycoon Plainview.

16. A Moat Violent Year, 2014

The film takes place mainly in Manhattan in the early 1980s, when a spike in crime was recorded. The main character is an immigrant from Latin America, who came to the United States with ambitious dreams and soon achieved great success in business. But the street crime, corruption, and moral decay that have gripped New York City have created great problems for him and his family.

17. Jobs, 2013

He was young, handsome, and talented as hell. Starting from scratch, he was able to build a world empire of temptation. He was a woman’s dream. He was envied by men. He seduced millions of people. His name was Steve Jobs.

18. Steve Jobs, 2015

The story of the life of one of the most brilliant minds on the planet, the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs.

19. The Thomas Crown Affair, 1999

Billionaire Thomas Crown, a frustrated financier, kidnaps from a large museum a $100 million Monet painting. Katherine Banning, the insurance investigator, has to catch him by the way…

20. The social network, 2010

The film tells the story of the creation of one of the most popular social networks on the Internet, Facebook. The stunning success of this network among users around the world has forever changed the lives of fellow students at Harvard University, who founded it in 2004 and within a few years have become the youngest multi-millionaires in the United States.

21. The Talented Mr.Ripley, 1999

Tom Ripley knew that sooner or later he was gonna make it upstairs. One day, after a chance encounter, one of America’s richest men gives Tom a commission to go to Italy and persuade his son, who is spending money in Europe, to return to the States… Tom soon meets Dickie Greenleaf and Marge. Their gorgeous lives enchant Tom. And later on, he decides to take Dickie’s place.

22. Catch me, if you can, 2002

Frank Ebegneil has worked as a doctor, lawyer, and pilot on a passenger airline - all before reaching the age of full majority at 21. Master of deception and cheating, he also possessed the art of forgery, which eventually brought him millions of dollars in counterfeit checks. FBI Agent Carl Hanratty would give anything to capture Frank and hold him accountable for his actions, but Frank is always one step ahead of him, forcing him to continue the pursuit.

25. New in Town, 2008

Lucy Hill loves luxury dresses, expensive cars, and likes to climb the ladder. One day, from Miami’s hometown heat, she’s sent on a business trip to cold Minnesota. To complete the mission, Lucy must adapt to the harsh climate and the locals, who are not going to give her warm welcome.

26. The Big Short, 2015

The story of several individuals who independently predicted the 2008 global economic crisis long before it was whispered in the corridors of Wall Street. And when I predicted it, I started earning money.