О своем отношении к моде, звездных друзьях и карьере


On her attitude to fashion, celebrity mates and carrier

Maria Zheleznyakova is a producer, Arsenicum brand development director, TV hostess, real fashion expert, happy wife.

The saying “A talented woman is talented in everything” is actually about her. Maria has told our editorial office about her attitude to fashion, celebrity mates, social gatherings and, of course, her carrier.

AR - You have been cooperating with Dima Loginov for a long time. How would you define your role in creating Arsenicum brand?

MZ- I have got acquainted with Dima Loginov casually when I was working for Denis Simachev. In that time Arsenicum used to be an interest-based club rather than a serious brand. We made friends, supported each other’s creative experiments, dressed to parties, derived pleasure from life without thinking of further brand perspectives. We were having “chemistry” between us. I was his Muse and only a few years later I became the brand co-owner. By now our ways have parted and Dima  manages the studio himself.

AR - World of fashion is a permanent going beyond usual borders and a well-stablished mechanism. What are you better in- breaking the rules or following them?

MZ - I am a conservative person and try to follow the rules at work and in private life.

AR - What is the most expensive thing in your wardrobe?

MZ- it is a jewelry- de Beers ring.

AR - what would you do If you were not engaged in fashion?

MZ- I got to fashion by chance thanks to Olga Samodumova. Before I had been interested in show business and had been involved into some popular pop-projects. I could have seen myself in an acting, music or DJ team.

AR - What is the most difficult in your job?

MZ - To follow strictly contractual provisions and as a result achieve maximum success.

AR - and what is the most pleasant thing?

MZ - To feel like myself and be natural.

AR - What is success for you? Is it necessary to strive for it?

MZ - Success is a complex equation with lots of unknowns. One must be self-confident and strive for success.

AR - what are social gatherings for you- a part of your job or a way to turn off from it?

MZ - Both. But I have become more selective in choosing a party.

AR – Who is your chief associate?

MZ - No one at the moment.

AR - what did friendship with Danila Polyakov give  and teach you?

MZ- I have been knowing Danila since my childhood, so we used to call each other a brother and sister. We were together everywhere- at work or leisure. One should take such people as they are without trying to change them to your liking or suppress them by force. This is a secret of real friendship.

AR – How often are you disappointed with yourself?

MZ – In times I have become less hypochondrial or irritative related to myself. But sometimes being affected by emotions I could be  self- reproaching.

AR - What are your strongest points?

MZ- Faithfulness, punctuality and respect to my partners.

AR - Have you been sticking to a certain style or you haven’t been thinking of it?

MZ - I rarely experiment with images, I know for sure what fits me and don’t  blindly follow trends.

AR - What piece of advice would you give 20-year old yourself?

MZ- Learn to understand what you really want and strive to your goal despite any difficulties.