Anna Andrusenko

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Anna Andrusenko - Russian theater and film actress

AR: Anna, what was your childhood dream?

Anna: Being an actress was my childhood dream. Dreams are tend to come true!

AR: What is your main trait of character?

Anna: Loyalty in its various manifestations.

AR: What is the most difficult decision that you've made in your life?

Anna: There were no situations where I had to make difficult decision. In general I make decisions quit deliberately, but at the same time I follow my instincts.

AR: Do you remember your first film role?

Anna: Of course, I do. It was a teen mystical film called «Сlosed school», that has marked start of my actress career.

AR: What is more important for successful actress career: personal talent and character or the right director, who knows how to reveal You? With whom it was to work the best?

Anna: Everything is important. It is impossible to get a good result without synergy. In 2017 I entered the academy of N.S. Mikhalkov and I had studied there for a year. Playing in performances and communicating with a unique person gave me creative, moral and personal development.

AR: What film director would you agree to work with without any doubt?

Anna: I will be predictable and say that with Nikita Sergeevich Mikhalkov.

AR: What things do you enjoy the most?

Anna: I enjoy feeling myself strong and balanced. And, of course, I enjoy food! I do love to eat delicious food. (Smiles)

AR: What is the easiest way for you to rejuvenate?

Anna: This year I have mastered horse riding. I get a great feeling of surge of strength and fullness of life from state of being "on a horseback" and the feeling of unlimited freedom.

AR: Where do you get more adrenaline - on stage or in front of camera?

Anna: I get adrenaline on both. But these are completely different feelings.

AR: Who is your main motivator?

Anna: Life!

AR: Camera clearly loves you. How often do you take part in photo shoot as a model? Do you like this process?

Anna: I take part in photo shoot as a model on rare occasions, but I do it with great pleasure.

AR: How do you manage to keep yourself in such great shape?

Anna: I am very active and I laugh a lot. That’s how I built stomach muscles. (Smiles)

AR: How do you usually rest?

Anna: As for me, recreation means conscious contact with yourself and contemplation beauty around. Also, I have rest while watching good films. Mostly Italian and French classics. Jean-Pierre Melville, Jean Vigo and Michelangelo Antonioni help me to forget about all my problems and charge me with the mood that helps me to live another day with joy.

AR: Do you think your main role is yet to come?

Anna: Sure!

AR: What advice you would give to aspiring actors?

Anna: I would recommend to develop yourselves constantly and desire to be the best version of yourselves every day!

Person: Anna Andrusenko @annaandrusenko44

Make-up: Slava Sasin Dior Make-up @slavasasin_makeup_

Clothes: Christian Dior

Location: Photo studio Apriori @aprioriphoto