Philipp Plein

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RocknRolla with an innovative spirit, Phillip Plein easily created a company that is famous all around the world: brand Philipp Plein produce clothing items in 11 categories - from accessories to the collection for kids. Everything, that Philipp Plein has put a hand to, become a masterpiece with his signature Swarowski crystals, spikes and skulls. Every girl dreams of a branded Philipp Plein leather jacket with spikes on it, which price could be compared to the price of the car. His enchanting shows, where the decorations looking like a fairy forest or an amusement park, always gather full houses. To visit his parties during Fashion weeks is the same as to win a lottery: it’s almost impossible to guess who of the stars, editors, buyers and stylists will be invited, and who will not. Travelling between the fashion house in Italy, his native Munich and his villa in Cannes, designer excellently combines several roles: an enviable bachelor, a loving father, a party animal - this list is to be continued eternally. Annually on receiving invitations to shows and afterparties, the AR journal editor couldn’t help asking Philipp on fashion and success, his personal values, his beloved sights in Munich, and also on the way he celebrates New Year.

AR: Describe at least one day of your live, let’s just say, during the Fashion Week.

PP: I wake up at about 8 o’clock in the morning and starting my day with a short training session. Then I immediately start working (I don’t have breakfast). I usually start with casting and try-on, also I get news from the corporate commercial department, in order to be aware of the current situation and to keep-an-eye on sales. Normally we have a lunch with my team - discussing goals to achieve during the day. Afterwards the work continues till the end of the day or even till the nighttime. In this case I go to have a dinner with my team, as we need to accumulate a lot of energy. Before going to sleep, I always visit a show place, to supervise the process and make corrections, if necessary. Finally, at about midnight, I go to bed.

AR: Continue the phrase «Fashion is…. »

PP: Fashion is a form of art, a dream embodied by creative people. But at the same time the fashion industry is a tough business.

AR: What clothing items are expected to be in trend in 2016, and which of them will be not?

PP: I predict a combination of styles and genres. Oversize vs Skinny, Wide vs Stretch, feminine elements contrasting to male wardrobe. Natural look vs Evening look, and also unusual shape accessories vs sassy and even rough shapes.

AR: What does success mean for you?

PP: To do what you like.

AR: Do you consider yourself a successful person? Why?

PP: I do, because I live my dream, and work with an amazing team.

AR: What is your favorite place in Germany during winter and summer days?

PP: I love Berlin and Munich, but summertime for me is Cote D’Azure.

AR: Name the best restaurants in Munich.

PP: In Munich I always visit a restaurant in a Bayerischer Hof Hotel, which is completely suitable for a company of friends. For dinner I prefer visiting classic Italian L’Osteria Italiana - the food is unbelievable.

AR: What shops, outlets and concept-stores are worth visiting in Germany?

PP: Voo Store and The Corner in Berlin. And, surely, my boutique…

AR: What song do you associate with Germany?

PP: My childhood music. I have no definite song or singer.

AR: What family values are important for you?

PP: Honesty.

AR: If you happen to get an Aladdin’s lamp, what three wishes would you choose?

PP: I don’t believe in wonders, but I know for sure, that hard work is always pays off! And I would definitely keep on my way.

AR: Can you wish something to our readers?

PP: Believe in yourself and follow your dreams… And never give up!

Photo: Press service archives