Dilyara Makarova


- How did your career in Novikov Group start? What are your responsibilities?

- I came to the restaurant business from advocacy when one day Arkady Anatolievich offered me the position of Director of the Novikov Group restaurant holding. Now I have a unique opportunity to deal with various aspects: from legal and financial to PR and marketing. Besides, I participate in Novikov International project. 

– Do you notice that food can come into fashion and go out of it? 

 – Now eating right is fashionable. People actively take care of themselves and pay special attention to the product ingredients. Syrovarnya restaurant, where we produce our own cheese, is loved very much, but we moved beyond that and started a unique project called Kolbasniy Tseh, which is a reataurant with a homemade sausages making shop in it. You can not only order them in the restaurant but take them away as well. There is also an unbelievable demand for avocado dishes.

– What are the most anticipated openings and news for 2019? 

– In 2019 we are going to launch a new Novikov Group website. There will be various gastronomic news, recipes and announcements of Novikov Group restaurants events. Recently we've opened a new restaurant at Patriarch Ponds – a joint project of Arkady Novikov, Anton Pinsky and Glen Ballis. Avocado dishes and seafood prevail in the menu. In November, we opened a restaurant in Rostov-on-don – La Fabbrica – a joint project of Novikov Group and Pravy Bereg chain restaurant, where Mirko Dzago, a famous Italian chef, is responsible for cooking. And we're going to open restaurants in Doha and Spain very soon. 

– How does opening a restaurant abroad differ? 

– Every country has its own features regarding opening of the restaurant. In Doha, for example, we open the first alcohol-free Novikov Restaurant & Lounge. This is due to the legislative and cultural peculiarities of the country. Apart from that, it is not much different from restaurants in Europe. Moreover, Doha interior is almost identical with the Asian hall of Novikov Restaurant & Bar in London. The point is that we have a lot of regular guests from the Middle East in London and we tried to recreate the same familiar and traditional atmosphere for them, but "at their place". 

– What's your favorite dish? Do you cook at home? 

– Spaghetti with clams and zucchini by Mirko Zago, the chef of Aist restaurant. By the way , recently I've started an instagram account @makarovadilyara, where I post video recipes of delicious and healthy breakfasts, which I cook together with the chefs of Novikov Group.

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