Dior Fall-Winter 2020/2021 men collection fashion show

In the silhouettes of the collection, Kim Jones explores the concepts of perfection and authenticity, considering fashion not so much as the final result, but as a process of creation. Wardrobe items, shoes and accessories are decorated with zippers that draw attention to detail and emphasize the cut architecture that Christian Dior himself strove for. The legendary Dior Oblique pattern takes the form of bead embroidery, and the Dior logo is pierced by a safety pin - a hint of Judy Blame's style and its DIY aesthetics.

In moiré overflows of silk, in elaborate embroideries, in an arabesque ornament and a paisley motif, echoes of Haute Couture are felt. The rich legacy of Dior is reflected in numerous allusions to the aesthetic codes of the House: from long opera gloves that elegantly complete each image of the show, to buttons covered with fabric like buttons on the famous Bar jacket. The color scheme is made up of shades of gray and blue, which are symbolic for Dior, and the play of volumes, folds and draperies refers to the traditions of “soft” and suit cut.

Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter 2020/2021 fashion show

Virgil Abloh presents the Louis Vuitton men's collection in the cloudy dream world. Creative director overturns traditional ideas about men's suit. Shirts and ties are intertwined to form textured pleats, and the Broderie Anglaise lace fabric is used as the main material for the costume. Virgil Abloh continues to explore the norms of men's wardrobe: in the new collection, the designer reinterprets the men line, moving away from social standards and leaving the comfort zone.

Gucci Fall-Winter 2020/2021 fashion show

The Gucci show was held under the hashtag #RaveLikeYouAreFive. It’s symbolic, because this year Alessandro Michele celebrates five years as the creative director of the brand. During this time, Alessandro Michele managed to fill the Gucci Fashion House with exciting freedom, a new breath, while preserving the tradition of craftsmanship and the basic philosophy of the brand.

In the new collection, the designer tried to present the freedom of self-determination without social restrictions, authoritarian sanctions and stifling stereotypes. Toxic masculinity, according to Michele, fuels violence and sexism. Indeed, there was no place for deliberate masculinity or femininity at the show. The girls on the show looked like guys, guys - on the contrary, they were dressed in short doll dresses with white collars, in suits of candy colors and jeans at a very low waist. We also saw more restrained images: draped coats, jackets, plaid shirts, velvet trousers, blazers, etc.