«Eternal values» with Avilon Aura

Interviews with celebrities about luxury, success and family values

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Anna Russka group has developed a unique photo project for Avilon Aura company by inviting famous people from the business and fine arts world to test the new Rolls-Royce and Bentley models, and to talk on major material and non-material values, life priorities, dedication and passion for excellence. Football player, Arsenal Tula Football Club captain Kirill Kombarov, White Rabbit restaurant chef Vladimir Mukhin, prima ballerina, Russian honored artist Maria Alexandrova, violinist, «Virtuoses of Moscow» the first chair violin Alexey Lundin. 

Kirill Kombarov

Fooball player, Arsenal Tula Footbal Club captain

AR: What is your main achievement?

K: First of all, it is my family and my kids. Me and my wife have three children, and we are expecting the fourth son.

AR: How is success measured for you?

K: Success is measured by achieving the established objective, because if you set a goal and don’t achieve it, you don’t succeed. In first instance, success is a result.

AR: What is more important in a good car for you: comfort or speed?

K: A good car should combine everything - comfort and speed, and you should like it. There are lots of nice, fast and beautiful cars, but you choose the one, that suits your spirit.

Vladimir Mukhin

White Rabbit restaurant chef

AR: What are the main traits one should have to be a good chef?

V: Punctuality, dedication, taste, adaptability to any hard situations. Discipline. Will power. And just power, in general. And of course, flight of fancy, an ability to be inspired and hear the world.

AR: What is your main achievement?

V: The world 50 rating 15th rank with the White Rabbit restaurant and the 10th best chef in the world. It’s just in terms of restaurant and talking of the family, it is my wife and my two babies. The fact that I have them is the main thing for me in life.

AR: The real luxury is…?

V: The real luxury is to travel all over the world with my team. And be together in any spot of the globe.

Maria Alexandrova

Prima ballerina, Russian honored artist

AR: Do you have a life credo?

M: I am a person of principal. And my views are rather trivial and that is being a professional in your vocation.

AR: What is your greatest achievement?

M: Meanwhile, my greatest achievement is finding a man I am in love with, who is in love with me, and with whom I am comfortable. It is rather hard nowadays.

AR: You used to say that you had chosen ballet, because you felt, it would teach you living. What has ballet taught you?

M: It’s a hard question. Its impossible to learn living without making mistakes and realizing who you really are. Justice still remains a mysterious matter for me - whether it exists or is it a human will to believe in justice or live as if there is none of it. Why did I choose ballet? There are no words in it. Just be yourself. It is clear in ballet: whether you can or not.

AR: What does the expression “beautiful life” mean for you?

M: It’s when you are confident, that you are happy at this very moment. And everything becomes beautiful around.

Alexey Lundin

«Virtuoses of Moscow» the first chair violin

AR: Should musicians be ambitious?

A: Ambitious are necessary. But they should be connected with music. Personally, it means, that I should understand and perform a composer’s idea.

AR: What is you biggest achievement?

A: In Salacgrīva festival I performed three Beethoven sonatas with the outstanding pianist Christian Zacharias.

AR: What is your most valuable reward?

A: The best reward is a good family. Even better if neighbors are good as well! It is the best reward for me, when I drive my parents to the countryside. And all these contests, diplomas and other laurels are not of great importance.

AR: Do you have a life credo?

A: I don’t have a definite life credo, but I really enjoy when all people around are as happy as possible.