Anna Russka’s fashionable bachelorette party at the Beauty Boutique Chanel

Светский девичник Анны Русска в Beauty Boutique Chanel

On June 20, Anna Russka, the founder of the "ANNARUSSKA" project gathered friends for a summer bachelorette party at the BEAUTY BOUTIQUE CHANEL. Moscow it-girls, designers, students and graduates of the best universities in the country, bloggers and fashionistas all came to have a good time. Among the guests were Marianna and Madina Gogovy, Olga Kalayeva, Galya Yudashkina, Irina Tchaikovskaya, Maria Dalakyan, Ruban sisters, Dasha Gauser, Julia Petrushina, Iya Sarkisova, Anna Milovanova, Diana Janelli, Diana Alshaer, Olga Slashcheva, Milana Pinch, Katya Kuznetsova , Lena Shapkina, Malena Mayakovskaya and many other representatives of the young Moscow high society. The guests danced to the DJ sets of Karina Oshroeva and Katya Dobryakova. In between the good music and interesting conversations the girls got useful tips from CHANEL makeup artists and fragrance experts, had a personal make-up session while sipping champagne all night long. The party was a huge success. Thanks to everyone for coming!