Presentation of the new issue of AR WORLD LUXURY GUIDE No. 6.

Вечеринка по случаю презентации нового номера журнала AR WORLD LUXURY GUIDE

On December 10, an AR Group event was held in the luxurious hall of the National Hotel overlooking the Kremlin and the State Duma, dedicated to the presentation of the new issue of AR WORLD LUXURY GUIDE No. 6. The AR Group is known for its ability to masterfully conduct such events for a premium audience, so it is not surprising that the presentation was held at the highest level in a wonderful Christmas atmosphere.

A Rolls Royce Avilon parked at the entrance to the hotel, recognized as a reflection of luxury lifestyle, set the tone and the level of celebration. Geographically, the event was divided into two zones. In one room, guests were invited to enjoy a unique exhibition of photographic works by the AR Production team, sip Johnnie Walker cocktails at an elite whiskey bar and listen to a DJ set. In another room, guests could take beautiful photos on the background of a New Year tree, get acquainted with the new issue of AR WORLD LUXURY GUIDE magazine and receive a personal copy signed by Anna Russka, as well as try the new Carolina Herrera fragrances and get nice Christmas presents to take home. A separate corner was dedicated to luxurious vintage jewelry from the Vintage Dream boutique, so that the guests could purchase an excellent New Year's gift to themselves and their loved ones.

More than 300 guests gathered to congratulate Anna Ruska, including stars of show business, politicians and well-known businessmen, namely Daniil Fedorov, Kristina Levieva, Irina Tchaikovskaya, Konstantin Andrikopulos, Anna Tikhomirova, Alesya Shikun, Ekaterina Kambarova, Ilya Davydov, Alena Kutalia, Fedor Oblivin, Karina Kovaleva, Vlad Korpusov, Alisa Tolkacheva, Peter Platzer and many others.