It seems that in recent years, only the laziest people have not talked and joked about Mercury. The retrograde movement of this planet did not leave anyone unconcerned, even those who did not believe in astrology any more than in aliens. Whether the car broke down, whether they had a fight with their husband or wife or were fired from their job - all this was clearly explained: "Retrograde Mercury".

Many people mistakenly believe that the planets during retrograde motion slow down and begin to move in the opposite direction. It's an optical illusion. The motion of stellar bodies is always directed forward. But at certain times, some of them slow down, making it seem as if they are moving backward. Mercury is the fastest planet in the system, orbiting the Sun every 88 days. And the planet enters its retrograde period when it sweeps past the Earth.

Mercury is responsible for thought, speech, communication, study, travel, and negotiation, so astrologers advise against taking any excessive activity during Mercury retro. All initiatives will be meaningless, and large purchases are unlikely to be a successful investment of money. On May 30, the second retrograde Mercury of 2021 came into its own and began a "reverse" movement until June 22. During this period, astrologers do not advise you to do any business, sign documents, buy real estate, and perform operations.

What should you do after «the Retrograde Mercury» ends?

  • First, you can start to implement all the things that you put off for a more favorable time. You can make big purchases, for example, buy a new phone, car or even an apartment.
  • You can no longer delay the signing of important documents.
  • This is a good time to negotiate, register a new business, and visualize new ideas.