Fresh air and a minimum of traffic jams are a real luxury in 2021. More and more affluent citizens of Moscow are moving out of the city, leaving apartments in the center of the capital. There is quite a logical explanation for this: clean air, nature, the opportunity to get away from the crowds and relax from the noisy streets. The most popular private houses and cottages were, of course, during the pandemic in 2020. The most expensive and popular suburban real estate in the Moscow region is located in the Odintsovo district — the average cost of homeownership here is 86.5 million rubles. Most people choose this area because of the developed infrastructure, beautiful natural landscapes, good ecology, luxury real estate, and proximity to the ring road (without traffic jams on the Rublevo-Uspensky highway, you can get to the center in 20-30 minutes). In addition, the purchase of a land plot in the Odintsovo district is a profitable investment and a legacy for descendants, because the cost of elite cottages is regularly growing.

What elite suburban settlements are worth buying in 2021? The editorial office of AR World Luxury Guide has made its list of TOP destinations in the Moscow region that deserve your attention.


Located in the most picturesque corner of the Near Moscow region, surrounded by the famous Rublevsky forests, the premium village "Barvikha-2" is created to give an unsurpassed sense of comfort to its inhabitants. On the huge territory, 110 linearly interlocked townhouses have been built. The architecture of all the buildings is designed in a minimalistic modern style. The surrounding area is properly developed: ornamental trees and shrubs are planted, flowerbeds are laid out, the lawn is paved, and lighting lamps are installed.


The village of Rublevsky, located in the near Moscow region, is only 18 km from the MKAD. Beautiful natural landscapes, excellent infrastructure, proximity to the ring road - these are the advantages of this new luxury architectural complex of premium class. In addition, the cottage village "Rublevsky" is ranked among the zones with a favorable environment.


The cottage settlement "Razdory-2" is a wonderful project of British architects, an elite residential complex on the Rublevo - Uspenskoe highway. It is located in the ecological zone of the wooded coast of the Moskva River, has excellent transport links with the capital. On the highway leading to a respectable landscape, there are no obstacles for high-speed driving at any time of the day.

The cottage village "Razdory-2" is distinguished by the aristocratic elegance of the houses and the surrounding territory. This is the merit of the leading British architects who were entrusted with the development of the construction project. The characteristic qualities of the English style, which are the undoubted advantages of the original settlement: elegant simplicity, environmental friendliness, and reliability of materials, impeccable comfort.

The territory of the cottage settlement "Razdory-2" is:

- beautiful walking areas (including wonderful views of the river coast);

- children's and sports grounds;

- paths for cyclists;

- parking lots for guests;

- infrastructure facilities.

«GORKI - 1»

The elite settlement " Gorki-1 "was built in 2000 near the village of Soloslovo – one of the prestigious locations on the"Rublevka". These places have not lost their relevance for a long time due to their insignificant distance from Moscow, excellent environmental situation, and, of course, picturesque landscapes that delight the eye and set up a peaceful mood. It is pleasant to live here, relax, spend time with your loved ones, enjoying the lush greenery, silence, and lack of fuss, which is so important for residents of a modern metropolis. The entire territory of the village is nicely organized with the involvement of masters of landscape design, all roads are paved, lighting lamps are installed.

«Cotton Way Nikologorsky»

The dream of country life is feasible! The new cottage village "Cotton Way" is comfort, respectability, comfort, and magnificent landscapes. Here everyone will find a house in which you want to live and breathe deeply. On the 24th kilometer of the Moscow ring road in the Novorizhsky direction is Nikolina Gora - a quiet place with excellent ecology. It was here that the «Cotton Way» settlement was founded a few years ago, which today has become one of the most prestigious corners for fans of privacy and comfort. Remote from the busy highway, the territory was built up in accordance with the principles of safe, practical, and modern housing. Now the cottage village «Cotton Way» is a real oasis, surrounded by century-old pine trees, filled with clean air, pleasing the eye with delightful landscapes.


The elite village "Rechnoy" is located just 10 km from the MKAD along the Novorizhskoe highway in a picturesque ecologically clean area. There is no polluting industry nearby, the Moscow River flows nearby, there are many favorable recreation areas. Luxury mansions in KP look very expensive and luxurious, reflecting the refined taste and presentability of their owner. Each cottage has a unique design and interior that distinguishes it from the neighboring building, which will certainly appeal to those who appreciate individuality and uniqueness. Due to a large selection of offers, every buyer will be able to choose a property that meets all the criteria and wishes. Each house is equipped with all the necessary utilities for a comfortable life.


The cottage village "Rodniki-2" fully justifies its poetic name. Located in a picturesque, wooded area in the Moscow region, it is surrounded by magnificent meadows and many natural reservoirs — the purest pond, the deep-water river Istra, natural springs with cold water in the forest. The perimeter of the elite complex has everything to enjoy country life in harmony with nature. The cottage complex is represented by 42 mansions of different sizes and layouts with adjacent private plots from 25 to 45 acres. All buildings are made according to unique architectural projects but in a single style concept.


The cottage village "Vesna" is located on a picturesque forest glade, surrounded by a magnificent forest area. The village is located 15 km from Moscow, in an ecologically clean place of the Odintsovo district. You can get to Moscow by the Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway or by the toll road of the Odintsovo highway. The houses in the village of "Vesna" are built according to individual projects. In total, 60 comfortable residences have been built in the village on a total territory of 9.5 hectares. All houses are connected to central communications.

The territory of the village has been landscaped and the roads have been paved. A professional security service is responsible for security. The village has an administrative building, a children's playground. It offers residents a well-developed infrastructure of the Rublevo-Uspensky highway: prestigious educational institutions, shopping and entertainment centers, posh restaurants, fitness halls, tennis courts, beauty salons, and medical centers.


The main advantage of the village «Prudy» is its proximity to Moscow, which does not prevent it from remaining calm, quiet, and cozy in a rustic way while providing the inhabitants with the opportunity to enjoy all the possible benefits of civilization. The Rublevo-Uspenskoye highway passes near the cottage village «Prudy». Just 19 kilometers from the MKAD begins the territory with a total area of 5 hectares, given over to cottage development. The infrastructure of engineering networks in the village is the most modern. It includes water supply, sanitation, high-speed Internet, satellite TV. The village has a security service, which ensures complete peace for the inhabitants.


The village of Knyazhichi townhouses is located in the west of Moscow on the border of the city of Odintsovo and the Barvikhinsky forest. The territory of the village occupies 7.2 hectares. The village of Knyazhichi is in demand due to its convenient location and favorable ecology. The proximity of the Barvikha Forest guarantees clean air and the possibility of a diverse cultural and recreational rest. The village is located at a sufficient distance from the Mozhaisk highway, which ensures the peace and quiet of its residents. The village of Knyazhichi was built as a single architectural and aesthetic complex.