Russian and foreign celebrities most of the time are being in the spotlight of millions of people and being snapped by waiting paparazzi and fans. That’s why it is very important for them to keep their personal life in privacy. Celebrities' mansions and villas, with marble floors and ocean views, often become a “fortress” for them. We want to look over the high fences and see what is hidden from our eyes.

Matt Damon

Hollywood actor decided to stay close to the city and bought an amazing residence in Brooklyn for $17 million. The penthouse is 560 square meters, including six bedrooms, a large terrace, and a rain shower.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Celebrity couple already owns several houses, but in 2017 they bought the most expensive property in Los Angeles as of 2019. The mansion is 2790 square meters, including eight bedrooms and eleven bathrooms, a cinema, parking space, four open pools, and a SPA and fitness center. All the windows of the mansion are bulletproof.

Oprah Winfrey

The most influential woman of the show business world has chosen a unique house for herself with the heated access road, huge bathroom, where water is always the same temperature, and wine cellar for 1600 bottles.

Lady Gaga

One of the most flamboyant and extraordinary singers of the world owns several houses, but the mansion in Malibu is her favorite. There are bowling alleys, a cinema, a gym, a stable for eight horses, ten bathrooms, the Pacific Ocean view pool, and a wine cellar for 800 bottles.

Ziyad Manasir

A businessman, an entrepreneur, and a founder of the “Stroygazconsulting” holding owns a house, which costs 12 billion rubles. The building is decorated in classic and European styles: “lush historical stylization”, the doglegged marble ladder with a stone balustrade.

Arkadiy Novikov

Famous restaurateur successfully bought the Italian estate in which Gianni Versace lived. This mansion is a subject of dreams for many Hollywood stars, but Arkadiy has been owning it for 10 years up to now. The price is not disclosed so far, but we can assume, that, by the most conservative estimate, Arkadiy Novikov spent from 33 to 40 million euros.