Five reasons to start playing golf

New people, long life and other main reasons


Golf in Russia has not yet gained the same popularity as in the United States and European countries, where it is one of the most popular sports. Golf is surrounded by dozens of stereotypes that it is boring, expensive and not interesting. We are telling you about the advantages of this type of leisure and why you should still try your hand at golf.

1. Golf prolongs life.

Movement is a key to health. Regular physical activity improves one's performance and sense of well-being. And it also raises self-esteem and social standing. Judge for yourself, playing a full round of 18 holes, you will be outdoors for at least 4 hours and still be in constant motion at a moderate pace. No stress on the heart and joints - what could be better. Only that on the field you will leave about 2000 calories. Recently, a study was conducted in Sweden, during which they found out very interesting details: older golfers recorded a 40% lower risk of death than their peers with other preferences.

2. Playing golf encourages communication

In many sports, talking is unnecessary. Golf allows you to have not just a small-talk, but a full-fledged conversation with your playing partners during walks from hole to hole. In a pleasant and unobtrusive atmosphere, it is much more pleasant to meet new players, keep in touch and establish new useful contacts. And after a 5-hour game, you can even leave the field with a new friend or business partner.

3. Golf boosts your status

Golf is considered one of the favorite sports and leisure activities among the political and business elite. That is why, more and more often, various conferences and business meetings are held not in restaurants, but in prestigious country golf clubs. And in order to be able to maintain small talk about handicap, you still have to master the basics of golf. Oddly enough, but sometimes basic golf skills can have a positive impact on your career and your status in society.

4. Golf relieves stress

Studies have shown that the effects of green spaces on the body relax the nervous system, reduce stress, and help in reducing anxiety. In addition, exposure to sunlight allows the body to absorb vitamin D from the sun, promoting bone growth in adolescence and reducing the risk of depression, heart disease, and certain cancers.

5. Golf as a way of meditation

The uniqueness of golf lies in the fact that this game can be both social and asocial. On the one hand, you can really make useful contacts and new acquaintances while playing if you are in the mood for communication. On the other hand, you can enjoy playing golf all alone. Only you, club, ball, 18 holes and 4-5 hours of meditative solitude. Sometimes everyone needs a relax.