The interesting applications to process your photos
Transform your Instagram account

Today the editorial office ANNARUSSKA.RU will tell you about the newest and the most popular photo processing mobile applications. They will help you to transform the account in the Instagram and other social networks, making it stylish and unique.

1. Dazz Cam

The pictures taken on the film cameras are now trending. But you shouldn’t be disappointed, if you don’t have the wanted item, because you can always use the Dazz Cam, that will ideally create the effects of old photos.



This mobile application was created for the people who like unusual photos. On the edited work you will need to select a detail to which interesting effects will be appeared. This application is created for the close-up photos. In the beginning you need to select the most appropriate image where the shape of the object is clearly visible. Then, using the selection, the program itself will indicate the editable area. Various effects can be applied to the contours of the main element, which will complement the photo and make it unique.

3. Unfold

If you want to diversify your stories in Instagram, this application is created for you. Inside you will find the layouts of different colors and forms for the one-day snapshots. In addition, there will be sticker accessories and different styles of the text.


In the PICNIC you can change the color of the sky on the chosen photo. This effect will allow you to make your picture more colorful and unusual.The main function of PICNIC is to change the color of the sky in the photo. The mobile application is absolutely free and includes 43 different effects. The program will add clouds, rainbows to the edited image or change the sky background palette cadinally.

5. PicsArt

The main function of this mobile application is making collages. This instrument gives the unlimited opportunities for creativity and implementation of the most interesting ideas. You can put pictures on each other, use gradients and much more.