Top 10 Most Cute Dog Blogs in Instagram

You will definitely want to follow them


These cute Dogs' Instagram accounts will immediately attract your attention. Some of them are non-standard appearance, some just with charm. Of course, behind the ideal pictures is a lot of work of the owners of furry pets. Therefore, not everyone manages to make a star out of their dog. ANNARUSSKA.RU shares with you a selection of the most popular blogs on Instagram, which you will definitely want to follow!



The family of these nice dogs is an example of the purest love! Two mischievous dachshunds named Indiana and Reese, and their big gray brother Harlow will surely impress you. Over 1.7 million pet fans follow their daily lives every day. You will definitely love their funny photos and videos!



A pretty dog named Agador from New York is captivating from the very first sight. And this is not surprising - a playful character and charming appearance, (somewhat similar to the legendary singer Prince in his youth), as well as modeling skills in posing. In the photographs, Agador appears in a variety of roles. We must pay tribute to its owners - they choose amazing outfits.



Tuna is a real Instagram veteran, because its owner Courtney Dasher started the page back in 2011. Since then, Tuna has over 2 million subscribers, a book contract and her own product line. Mistress Tuna was able to turn his unconventional appearance and jaw problems into his advantages. Indeed, Tuna is so unique, and for this he is loved by millions.



Travel blogs are no surprise today, unless it's a blog of a photographer who travels with his dog. One day, Theron Humphrey quit his job to travel across the country. Next to him all this time was his favorite dog - Maddy. When the guy started taking pictures of his darling in various interesting locations, and he did not expect that she would become his muse! Now his beauty is watched by 1.3 million followers on Instagram.



This is not just a blog, this is a whole series! A series about two wonderful owners and two beautiful pets. The "crazy" pug named Chubaka and the cute poodle named Woody daily amuse not only their parents, but also more than 1 million Instagram users. Despite their good looks and cute faces, Chubaka and Woody definitely take the audience with their charisma and acting skills.



Another amazing travel blog, but already from Russia. Ira and her pet Space travel all over the world, sharing incredibly beautiful and atmospheric photos on their Instagram account.



Famous in social networks, the pug named Doug loves to try on funny costumes and pose in them in front of the camera. Doug also loves to eat deliciously ... however, as we all do. Perhaps this is what makes him such a folk character!



Bodhi is the most stylish Akita Inu dog on Instagram. The number of bows of this dog is endless. If you love dogs and fashion, then @mensweardog is for you.



A ball of snow, a cloud or cotton candy - such associations arise at the sight of this snow-white baby Mai. However, Maya can boast not only of her cute face and chic hair. On her Instagram account, Maya's owner posts mostly videos of her pet, in which Maya often talks, sings, or demonstrates her innate acting talent. Amazing posts!



Do you love corgi? Then this account is for you. The Corgi brothers from Los Angeles love to travel, have fun together, and seem to pose for the camera. And more than 400k users love pets for their cute faces and great charisma.