Impeccable client care, luxurious interiors, and the best services


What is more important for you? Is it an impeccable client care, luxurious interior, expensive and high-quality materials, comfortable halls, or the most innovative trendy services? And why sacrifice any of them, when Moscow’s elite salons and beauty clinics provide every single option. AR WORLD LUXURY GUIDE WWW.ANNARUSSKA.RUeditorial office put together the list of the best capital locations, where you can become a thousand times prettier and happier than ever before.


If you are looking for not just a beauty salon, but a whole building, where you can relax, enjoy different cosmetic treatments, and have a great time, STILL BEAUTY SPACE is exactly what you are looking for. Three-story building with a terrace on the roof and a modern design. Apart from the large range of services, STILL salon provides the boutique-restaurant, which is available on every floor of the building and the art space.

Prices: ladies’ haircut ~ 5400₽, manicure ~ 3000₽, gentlemen manicure - 3000₽, evening makeup - 6000₽.


GOLDEN MILE FITNESS&SPA beauty studio is the final stage of self-care. On the territory of the club, you can find the premium fitness club, SPA area, sauna complex, Oriental medicine center, Ayurveda health center, and, of course, beauty studio, where certified stylists will help you to find the best look and make it a reality.

Prices: ladies’ haircut and styling - 3900/4500/6100₽, gentlemen haircut and styling - 4000₽, OLAPLEX care - 3000/4000/5000₽, evening makeup - 6000₽, eyebrow design and shaping - 3000₽.


French premium-class chain of beauty salons DESSANGE RUSSIA is the leader in the hairdressing market. 7 spacious DESSANGE studios, that often include beauty institutes and SPA’s, are located in the best locations of Moscow. And “Dessange Zhukovka” is located in the Odintsovo region.

Prices: classic manicure - 2500₽, styling - from 1800 to 5500₽, gentlemen haircut and styling - from 2500 to 8500₽, face peeling - from 2500 to 10 000₽


Aldo Coppolla’s team of Russian and Italian professionals provides their clients complex express care, which allows them to do up to 5 cosmetic procedures at the same time. ALDO COPPOLA chain is specialized in hairdressing and barbershop services. While creating an image and doing care treatments, specialists use only organic products.

Prices: manicure - from 4200 to 5200₽, ladies’ haircut - from 5800 to 7500₽, eyebrow tinting - from 2500 to 2800₽.


DAVIANI BEAUTY&SPA is a beauty center, which combines the best specialists, a huge range of cosmetic treatments and services, good client care, and design space.

Prices: ladies’ haircut - 6500₽, manicure - 3700, anti-cellulite treatment - 17000₽.


The city format of the beauty center, where every treatment, that you got used to, is done quickly with genuine kindness.

Prices: ladies’ haircut with styling and wash - from 9400 to 10900₽, eyebrow tinting - 2700₽, complex manicure with a drill - 4000₽, NABOCUL anti-cellulite treatment - 18500₽.


“Milfey” beauty center is known among the citizens of Moscow for almost 10 years. Highly qualified professionals, premium service level, and best cosmetic treatments allow “Milfey” to stay at the top of all Moscow beauty salons.

Prices: ladies’ haircut - 5000₽, manicure - from 3500₽, gentlemen manicure - 3900₽, contours plastic surgery - from 12500₽, anti-cellulite treatment - 15600₽.