Barbershops are no longer just a place for putting a gloss on - they are full-fledged clubs of interest, where you can not only put your appearance in order but also immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a courageous and friendly team. The editorial office of AR World Luxury Guide presents five premium barbershops in Moscow.


Denezhny Lane, 8/10

Numero Uno is not just a men's barbershop, it is a conceptual space made according to the canons of Italian traditions. Here you can not only sign up for a high-quality haircut but also apply for tailoring according to individual standards and buy men's care cosmetics. The atmosphere of the Neapolitan barberia in the very center of Moscow is for those who value their time and always want to look stylish.


Sergey Makeev st. 9/2

Architect Shusev st. 2/1

Barbershop, which values the creative component of the profession of a hairdresser. The masters are ready to perform a haircut of any level of complexity and to do it in the most comfortable environment for the guest. 5/8 is not a network project, there are only two salons in Moscow because every little thing is important for the founders, which they want to perform perfectly. In addition to the services, the barbershop is ready to offer its customers its own brand of hair care cosmetics «5/8».


One of the largest international networks of men's hairdressers in Russia. There are 9 Chop-Chop salons in Moscow-just choose the one that is closest to you. The owners thoroughly recruit masters, because for them it should be not just a hairdresser, but an open and responsible person who will respect each client. And, of course, it must be a top-class professional. “Chop-Chop” has its own branded cosmetics, as well as its own online store where you can choose men's care products.

«Boy Cut»

One of the first barbershops that appeared in Russia. The owners wanted to adopt the culture of hairdressers only for men from the United States and Great Britain, where the establishments turned into something like men's clubs. Apparently, they succeeded: having started their business in 2013, they continue to be among the most popular hairdressers not only in Moscow but throughout Russia. There are 4 Boy Cut salons in Moscow, and in each of the visitors will find a friendly atmosphere and high-quality services.


Chain is a barbershop with 12 branches in Moscow and St. Petersburg, providing high-quality services and a respectful attitude to each of its clients. In addition, «Chain» has its own academy, where they train professionals, and therefore they know exactly what a real professional of hairdressing should be. The masters do not just provide a service but can give the visitor recommendations on how and by what means it is better to take care of your hair. The barbershop also has its own line of care cosmetics, created considering six years of experience working with clients.