How to organize make-up storage: 5 tips

Self-isolation is a great reason to tidy up at home


Since life itself has made adjustments to our daily routine and we have been given the opportunity to spend more time at home, we advise you to use this time to the maximum benefit for yourself. The quarantine period or rather self-isolation is a great time for various online marathons, books, physical activities and, of course, household chores. According to psychologists, the order around itself leads to order in the head and organizes all chaotic thoughts. Therefore, after the general cleaning of the house, we advise you to move on to the most difficult, but the most necessary - analysis of the perfume table and wardrobe. Let's start with the first one. Using daily care and decorative cosmetics, we hardly manage to keep it in order. But to do this is very important and necessary, because different cosmetics require different types of storage, and if you organize the storage correctly, then you can forget about the chaos in the bathroom and on the perfume table.

Take it out of the bathroom immediately

Many skin care products are not recommended to be stored in the bathroom. The fact is that humidity and heat are contraindicated for cosmetics - namely, these "climatic" conditions are present in the bathroom, especially after you take a shower. This also applies to shampoos, the optimum humidity for storage of which is not more than 60%, the temperature is not more than 25 ° C. The best place to store creams, serums, fluids, milk and face and body masks is a dark place in the room. It can be a special container for cosmetics or a cabinet in the bathroom. The ideal temperature for storing cosmetics is from +5 to + 25 degrees. At a lower temperature, the products will be supercooled and solidify, at a higher temperature - oxidized, releasing harmful toxins.

Check the expiration date

However obvious this may be, many of us forget to keep track of the shelf life of some cosmetic products. Check if you have cosmetics in your arsenal that have not deteriorated for more than thirty months. If there is, we advise you to put it aside, because such products use the strongest preservatives that can provoke an allergic reaction and adversely affect the skin. Shelf life directly depends on the composition - the more natural it is, the cosmetics will deteriorate faster. Water-based products are stored for no more than twelve months, organic cosmetics based on natural oils - no more than eight.

Buy a special refrigerator for cosmetics

Do not rush to think that this is a worthless purchase. Firstly, many creams and serums intended for gentle skin care around the eyes and containing, as a rule, the minimum amount of preservatives, must be stored at a lower temperature. The cooled substance applied to the skin will help to reduce the irritations and swelling often occurring in this delicate area. Secondly, the surface of special refrigerators for storing cosmetics is covered with an antibacterial composition and, as a rule, the optimum temperature is maintained in them. And thirdly, if you have a large number of different creams, masks and serums in your arsenal, then they simply may not have enough space in an ordinary refrigerator with food.

Keep in the shade

Let's move on to cosmetics, which for the most part, loves to stay in the shade. This is especially true for lipsticks, mascaras and tonal foundations. If you store your makeup on an open surface and sunshine often gets on it, then very soon it will become unusable. Firstly, the lipstick can easily flow right in the case, and secondly, with regular exposure to light, the oils that make up the foundation of the lipstick begin to rancid and release toxic toxins. For this, 3 months of constant exposure to the sun are enough. It is necessary to avoid lighting partitions that can heat plastic jars, and they begin to emit harmful substances. The best storage for all decorative cosmetics is a cabinet in a perfume table. Lipsticks and foundation can be stored in a special refrigerator for cosmetics.

Convenient storage

We figured out the basic rules of storage, now let's move on to convenience and space saving. It is most convenient to distribute cosmetics into separate blocks - lipstick with lipstick, eye shadow with eye shadow and so on. So, you will always know where this or that product lies. Ideal for storage will be a transparent organizer for cosmetics or beauty cases in the form of bags or chests. The same goes for brushes and sponges, which can absorb a bunch of germs if stored on an open surface. It’s better to put the brushes in a special case or in a cosmetic bag. Well and, of course, do not forget to wash your brushes regularly in a soap solution.