6 morning beauty-routine rituals

Several home treatments to keep you full energy for all day


After waking up, you need to take good care of your body, charging yourself with positive emotions from pleasant procedures in the morning. The editorial staff of ANNARUSSKA.RU has selected for you the most effective and useful morning beauty habits that will certainly fill you with energy.

1. Contrast shower. In addition to the fact that a contrast shower helps to cheer up in the morning, it is very beneficial for the skin. Cold water causes blood to flow to vital organs and also activates the nervous system. This short morning treatment gives you a huge boost of energy. Additional advantages of a contrast shower include stabilizing the emotional background, accelerating metabolism, muscle relaxation and cleansing the skin, and it also helps to reduce subcutaneous fat deposits and tissue swelling.

2. A glass of water with lemon. Already where it has not been said about the benefits of a glass of water in the morning. This is a really important procedure to wake up your body. It also helps to restore the acid-base balance in the body, prevent diseases and loose weight.

3. Massage of the face and neck using Jade roller or facial Gua Sha. It is necessary to start the morning with pleasant procedures, but it is equally important to do these procedures correctly. You can find out about the benefits of massage and new beauty gadgets here.

4. Apply a moisturizing mask or patches. Moisturizing and nourishing the skin is never superfluous. Your skin will be grateful to you and will reward you with a fresh and healthy glow!

5. Massage with a dry brush. Dry massage with a special brush has many advantages: it fights cellulite, strengthens the lymphatic system, stimulates the sebaceous glands, tones up muscles and generally invigorates and gives a powerful flow of energy.

6. Hair mask. Do not forget about hair care! Hair also needs gentle care. A real SPA procedure at your home: products from the brands KERASTASE, ZIELINSKI & ROZEN, ORIGINS and ELEMIS will help take care of your hair.