The beginning of spring is the most difficult time for our body. After the winter period, many feel a breakdown, lethargy and general malaise. During the winter, our body waste all accumulated reserves of vitamins and minerals. Another reason is overeating, abuse of fatty and floury foods. By spring, without exception, everyone wants to bloom. But beauty does not exist without health, even the most minor ailments of the body immediately affect our appearance in the form of an unhealthy complexion, rashes and excess weight. And here there are two ways - to stock up on foundation and sagging corsets, or to bring your body in tone and establish the digestive system of your body. We advise you to stay on the second option, because natural beauty, an elastic body and clear thoughts are now in fashion as never before. It’s worth starting the “preparation” for spring with cleansing the body. This effective procedure has a beneficial effect on the whole organism. Soon obvious improvements in appearance will become noticeable - the condition of the skin, hair and nails will certainly make you happy. Cleansing will help restore proper bowel function and boost immunity. It is necessary to start cleaning the body from the intestine, this can be done both in the hospital and at home. We will tell you about soft, less radical methods of dealing with toxins that will not distract you from the usual daily routine.

Reduce the consumption of "fast food". A modern person is constantly in a hurry somewhere, he always does not have enough time for a normal meal. Many satisfy their hunger with all kinds of burgers, ready meals, bars, and then they also drink all this with soda or tea from a bag. Such poor-quality nutrition clogs our bodies with low-quality saturated fats and does not bring him a single gram of benefit. Spend 10 minutes in the morning to prepare yourself a lunch box, where there will be a green salad, a piece of fish or a whole grain bread sandwich, but not with sausage or cutlet, but with chicken breast and vegetables.

Pure water. Water is the source of life and this is an undeniable truth. Water leaches toxic substances from the body, moisturizes tissues, participates in proper digestion and muscle function, dissolves and stabilizes dissolved nutrients and delivers them to organs and tissues. According to the recommendations of the Nutrition Institute, the daily fluid rate for men is 3 liters, for women 2.5 liters. Moreover, 80% of this liquid should be pure water. Put one liter bottle of water at home, and take the second with you to work. So, constantly monitoring the amount of water you drink, you can balance your daily rate.

Fasting day. Even Paul Bragg proved that periodic fasting has a beneficial effect on the functioning of our body and removes all unnecessary toxins from it. Start with interval or one-day fasting. Take a contrast shower in the morning, then drink non-carbonated water in small sips throughout the day. It is advisable not to stay at home that day and load yourself with all kinds of activities, so moving this day will be much easier. Indeed, in most cases, hunger occurs in our head.

No alcohol. At the time of cleansing the body, it is worth completely eliminating the consumption of alcoholic beverages, because alcohol and weight loss (detoxification) are incompatible concepts. Alcohol contains empty calories, which the body processes much faster than food. Therefore, even after one glass of wine or a beer, a strong feeling of hunger immediately arises. And the food eaten after drinking alcohol will certainly be deposited in the fatty layer. In addition, alcohol displaces water from the cells and greatly slows down the metabolism, therefore, the fight against toxins and slag will be in vain.

Refusal of salt. Salt retains excess water in the body and slows down the process of excretion of toxins. However, we are too accustomed to salty food and not everyone can afford to refuse it. Therefore, start gradually reducing salt intake in your normal diet. At first, you will always feel that the food is not salty enough, but soon your preferences will change. Salt can be replaced with soy sauce, but not in large quantities, or seaweed. Add more natural seasonings to your food, filling up the lack of salt with other flavoring ingredients.

More vegetables and fruits. A storehouse of vitamins is vegetables and fruits, so it is very important to constantly eat them. If in the winter the counters are not rich in fresh fruits, you can focus on vegetables. Include a variety of salads in your daily diet. A big plus will be if carrots, cabbage and beets are present in salads, because these vegetables are a kind of “brushes” that will easily remove all toxins from our intestines. Flax seeds and linseed oil will help to cleanse the intestines.

More white. More and more disputes are being conducted by scientists and nutritionists on the topic of meat consumption. Both benefits and harms are contained in this favorite product. However, it has been proven that white meat found in chicken, seafood, rabbit and turkey is an excellent source of essential unsaturated fats. Unlike red meat, white contains fewer calories and is better absorbed. Therefore, it is ideal for those who are trying to lose weight, lower cholesterol in the body and lead a healthy lifestyle. It is worth noting that white meat contains much less protein than red meat, but it can easily be replaced with legumes, various cereals (buckwheat, pearl barley, oatmeal), quinoa or mushrooms.

Help from the outside. From time immemorial, they used the bath to fight all ailments. Centuries later, the bath did not lose its relevance and only acquired various innovations. Steaming is an excellent way to remove accumulated toxins from the body through the pores of the skin. And you can sweat well in a dry (infrared, Japanese ofuro) or in a wet (Finnish, Russian, Turkish) sauna. To improve metabolism, it is also necessary to establish normal blood and lymph circulation. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you just need a massage, and to improve the detoxification effect it is the lymphatic drainage effect. Blood accelerates, stagnant lymph begins to move, and, accordingly, waste more quickly “washed out” of body cells.