Petr Bubnov

The NRFC investment boutique co-founder


NRFC innovative financial company co-founder Petr Bubnov told the AR WORLD LUXURY GUIDE editorial office on the the way he has made before establishing his own company, how the investments could give a chance to be involved into something global and why it is so complicated to predict something for 5 years ahead in the modern world.

AR: It seems that more and more people are involved into investments. Society have proposed new regulations: if you have not heard of investments - you are out of the game. So, here is a question: Are investments just a money talk?

Petr: Exactly not. More and more people have come to a conclusion that money is not a final goal. It is clear that money should work, but the investment is something more, it is a way to be involved into global processes. If you invest into an innovative project, then a benefit is an integrate component.

AR: How did it start? Why did you choose investments and a career in analytic activities?

Petr: I made my choice being a student. My specialty is Mathematic methods and research of economic operations, that is directly connected to the analytic work at the stock market, forecasting and modelling. I was graduating from the university at the end of 1990s. It became evident that Russia was moving towards the market economy: joint-stock companies, private businesses appeared, and mass privatization of small and big business launched. A new world was open to me. I was studying Russian and foreign sources, was doing my graduation work, that I successfully defended afterwards.

After graduation I found myself in a professional environment and began progressing swiftly by applying all of the obtained knowledge in practice. At the certain moment I realized that analytical work was a past stage, I have got interested in practical application of my analytical knowledge. I continued my career at Finam JSC asset management department. I was engaged in consulting and trust management, which I later headed.

AR: During a long period of time you have been taking top positions at big investment companies of Russia. But, why did you leave the corporate environment in 2019? How did you make up your mind?

Petr: I have been thinking about establishing my own business, but I needed a reliable partner. Vasily Konovalov became that person, with whom we had cooperated at Finam investmentment company and had been sure of one another. We met together, exchange ideas and decided it was time to move forward. Since then we regretted only that we had not done it earlier.

AR: How did you come up with the idea of establishing NRFC investment boutique? Was it complicated to launch the company? What are the main advantages of NRFC?

Petr: I had an idea of launching the investment boutique for a very long period of time. When Vasily proposed the concept of «family office», we immediately decided to implement the idea. The main hardship was to find new clients, networking and scaling. It was important for us to suggest partnership to the investors. It was a key moment. When we change the status from «client-manager» to the «partner-partner», everything came together. We have actively studied all areas, starting from the old-fashioned products to beyond advanced trends. Since last year NRFC has grown fivefold. We could not imagine it in the most optimistic forecasts and plans.

AR: What is your «Top 5» list out of all of your deals, that you are most proud of?

Petr: I am sure that my most successful deals are still awaiting. I am proud of what we are doing now: we choose a company at the startup stage, hold an expertise, take a risk, but we definitely realize how a certain startup will develop in 5-10 years. It is possible that in a year we will be facing so high-scale and successful deals, that the current ones will seem to us a routine.

AR: How do you see NRFC in 5 years?

Petr: It’s impossible to answer such question, because the life is swift. One and a half years ago when we were just starting NRFC investment boutique, I couldn’t imagine such an abrupt turn of events in the most optimistic dreams. We were holding leading positions, we were having an enormous responsibility before our children and families. Leaving the corporate environment and comfort zone, me and my partner Vasily were taking a serious risk and putting all-in. And if we have succeeded, it means we have taken the right direction. Hopefully we will be developing further to create a global investment fund, in which Russia will be just a component in our business.

AR: Is there a moto of NRFC company? If so, please share, if not, what could it be?

Petr: In very beginning of our business, we invented our slogan in latin - «Pecuniae rationem dolor», which translated into Russian as «Concept of smart money». This seems to be the real moto of the company, that we have been sticking to present. We have been standing for smart and long-term investment, rather than momentary speculations. Money is not a final goal, but a way to develop economy, technologies and something global.

AR: What is success for you?

Petr: Tough question… It might be a state of harmony and disharmony at the same time. Here is the typical image of a successful person - it is a certain character, who is lying on the beach at the ocean shore, drinking cocktails and enjoying sunsets. In my opinion, a successful man always feels disappointed in himself, he is in the state of permanent wish of improvement and create something for himself, his family, city, country or the whole world… It’s the matter of ambitions. Nevertheless, such typical beach parties happen very rarely.

AR: Do you consider yourself a successful person?

Petr: Sincerely speaking, I don’t. I think I am that kind of the person, who is in a permanent seeking, moving and in a state of disappointment of myself, which stimulates and motivates to do more. Each and every year I face redefining and reassessment of things. I can call myself a happy person, but let my projects be successful.

AR: What pieces of advice can you give to the amateur investors?

Petr: It’s important to interpret current processes correctly and be able to predict future trends. The pandemic and the whole 2020 gave the largest boost to development of all areas and demonstrated the strongest and weakest sides of business. What was doomed «to die» disappeared and the projects that managed to survive were growing ten times better. It is absolutely definite that the future is associated with online-education, online-communication, biotechnologies and outer space exploration. The whole world was not ready for such «new» decade. Therefore, it is so important to make correct forecasts, keep up with trends, move on and be able to adopt a modern reality.

A few words about the company: NRFC investment boutique is a «personal concierge» in the world of finance. Noble Russian Finance Club has been developing individual investment plans to fit every investors parameters, molding investment portfolios from the best financial products on the market and choosing the most reliable way of achieving financial goals with minimum risk avoiding conflicts of interest.


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