Alexander Zyurikov

The NRFC chief business development officer


NRFC innovative financial company CBDO Alexander Zyurikov told the AR WORLD LUXURY GUIDE editorial office on how to build relationships among investors and consultants, his most successful deals and the most prospective markets.

AR: Alexander, how did your career in the Investment business start?

A: After graduating from the Warwick Business School, I purposely began looking out for a job in the investment sphere. That is how I took a position in the Finam investment company, where I started my career, at first i worked as a broker in an OTC market at the western stock market department and then as a manager/consultant at the traditional market department.

AR: It seems that if you have not heard of investments - you are out of the game. Here is the question, in your opinion, isn’t it too late to start investing today?

A: It is never too late to start. People thought that they were out of the game even 5 or 10 years ago. That’s why you should never focus on your inner sense. If we look back, we can see, that the market is growing just like a young body. Some players leave the market and the others take their place. The reason to begin investing today is obvious: deposit rates at banks are very low and this situation is not likely to change in the nearest future.

AR: What challenges may investors face, when they decide to act without a personal investment consultant?

A: Speaking of the amateur investors, the situation is quite obvious - it’s a misunderstanding of tools, lack of special knowledge and experience and uncertainty on how to enter the market the right way. Even experienced independent investors may not know of existence of certain products. Frequently, an investor chooses one specific counterpart - it can be a broker or a bank with a brokerage department and limits himself by the provided toolkit. It is rather complicated both technically and psychologically to implement your investment portfolio via several counterparts. Moreover, an access to some of the investment products is not provided by brokers or banks, that is why most of the investors are not informed of them. Therefore, the main advantage of working with NRFC company is that we are constantly on the lookout for new counterparts, new interesting products, that we suggest to clients and by that, we save their time and other resources.

AR: How important is human factor in the information and analytical support of investors?

A: It is of crucial importance. If there is no trust and understanding between an investor and consultant, then a work process might be uncomfortable for both sides and it will be significantly harder to reach a target.

AR: What personal qualities are essential for a consultant?

A: I think, that is important to be able to get along with a client, create a comfortable and trust-worthy atmosphere in communication. Also, it is crucial to convey all of the ideas and investment possibilities to a client correctly. It is essential to earn a trust of an investor, so he can understand, that a consultant is not imposing his ideas, but proposing certain products, that will yield to benefits later.

AR: What is your «Top 5» list out of all of your deals, that you are most proud of?

A: NRFC company has grown 5 times over the past year and there were lots of successful deals. Speaking of specific high-scale and significant ones, I would like to point out that last autumn we participated in SpaceX stock deployment - Ilon Mask aero-space company. We are aware that many market players have also suggested their participants in this stock deployment but have never implemented it. NRFC company turned out to be more flexible.

AR: How has the Russian stock market changed within the recent 10 years?

A: Customer base has considerably enlarged and the interest in stock market has grown. The situation has developed in such a way that ruble has weakened again, but unlike the previous cases in 2008 and 2014 - deposit rates remained at a low level. Therefore, many people have discovered stock market for themselves. It has led to customer base expansion and appearance of new stock market players. From now on every bank app contains an investment section. We can’t help mentioning digitalization: a lot of processes have simplified considerably, new opportunities to open bank accounts, without visiting a bank, have appeared. We have been working with a lot of clients distantly so save the most principal resource, known as time.

AR: What is worth investing into in 2021?

A: Speaking of NRFC company, we have been actively participating in pre-IPO deals, thus, investing into private businesses, that are only planning to enter stock exchange. We have been trading on the stock exchange before, from time-to-time leaving for OTC market (mainly to trade Eurobonds), and now it has been getting more and more popular.

AR: What pieces of advice can you give to the amateur investors?

A: The first advice is to appeal to us! (smiling). It is hard to give a general recommendation and toolkit. But it can be surely stated that the bond market gives low-returns, and the situation is likely to stay the same for a long period of time. Therefore, equity instruments such as stocks, are the most reliable sources of investing today. Judging from the specific situation, its high time to make a decision what type of company shares - private or public, big or small - should be purchased. The main piece of advice for the amateur investors is, of course, self-educating. A person should clearly understand what he buys, how this or that tool could work just taking a look at history of similar tools. In my opinion, some believe in local ideas, which don’t even pass the time test.

AR: How does your investment boutique differ from other financial companies?

A: We have always been on our clients side. We don’t represent any certain brokerage or bank structure, we mainly focus on finding the best possible solution. Both in the stock market and for a definite client. And the most important thing is that while cooperating with us investors don’t feel any conflicts of interest, as it does not exist as it is. We are directly interested in highest profits of our clients.

AR: How do you see NRFC in 5 years?

A: I am sure the company will be growing, and our business model will be scaling. Therefore, we can predict a higher level of institutionalization and formalization of processes. In future a big set of issues inside the company will be automatized.

AR: What is success for you?

A: The most important indicator for me, that our investors trust us. They have been looking for us themselves, because they have heard about NRFC company from their close ones and friends. That is the reason why we don’t depend on our service promotion from marketing prospective. Investors trust us and this is what success is.

A few words about the company: NRFC investment boutique is a «personal concierge» in the world of finance. Noble Russian Finance Club has been developing individual investment plans to fit every investors parameters, molding investment portfolios from the best financial products on the market and choosing the most reliable way of achieving financial goals with minimum risk avoiding conflicts of interest.

A few words about the company: NRFC investment boutiqueis a «personal concierge» in the world of finance. Noble Russian Finance Club has been developing individual investment plans to fit every investors parameters, molding investment portfolios from the best financial products on the market and choosing the most reliable way of achieving financial goals with minimum risk avoiding conflicts of interest.


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