Maria Vinogradova - The Bolshoi theatre leading soloist

AR: What is more important to become a successful ballet dancer - talent or hard work?

M: Everything is important. Talent, dedication, and, of course, hard work. Such components are crucial if you want to achieve something.

AR: What is the main trait of your character?

M: Dedication. I love to set difficult goals and achieve them.

AR: What is the most beautiful moment of your life?

M: The most beautiful and the happiest day of my life is 30 of June 2016. The day my daughter was born.

AR: Have all of your childhood dreams come true?

M: My childhood ones have. The youth of a ballet dancer ends at the age of 9 when they enter vocational education institutions. I have chosen this way myself and well-considered. Perhaps, at that moment, I didn’t really understand, what was waiting for me, but I was driven by the dream of becoming a ballet dancer.

AR: Have you ever had a feeling of despair at work?

M: I am a very emotional person. But I have never felt like giving up. Dark days happen, but they pass by quickly. The main thing is to stay positive and, of course, treat everything with humor.

AR: What is the best way to regain your strength?

M: The message and a day-off with my family. But it happens very rarely this last little while.

 AR: What is the best advice your mother ever gave you?

M: My mom is my main adviser. My tough critic and the best granny in the world. I can’t choose only one out of many.

AR: What is your favorite ballet role?

M: This question is very popular. And I can never answer it. Every role is my favorite, they all grow with me, change and fill up with new emotions and colors.