Rolls-Royce Motors are presenting a unique Phantom in collaboration with HERMÈS. The car designed and manually manufactured by Bespoke branch specialists at Rolls-Royce plant in Goodwood, West Sussex, and Hermes in Paris Phantom Oribe reflects the character and hobbies of its owner- the Japanese businessman Yusaku Maezawa. The car was designed as a land jet where the tranquil atmosphere as of an air trip reigns. 

The two-color car body was inspired by green and light-beige shades of ancient Japanese ceramics in the Oribe style that Mr.Maezawa has been collecting. The upper part is made in Oribe- green shade- the paint was designed exclusively by the customer’s order. As an exception, Rolls-Royce has shared the paint with the customer, so that the private jet could be painted at the car shade. It took several months to design the shade combining XVI-th century ceramics traits. Cream color the lower part of the car is painted in nobly adds to this shade.

The car interior is trimmed mainly by Hermès leather, particularly the key surfaces that a client touches- for example, the steering wheel, power handrails, gear lever, climate controllers. Hermès leather is used to trim the upper part of the dashboard, armrests, trunk shelf, glove box and baggage hold, center console, decanter section, and a cooling section for sparkling wines. To commemorate the collaboration and mutual respect the two teams decorated the glove box lid is embossed lettering Habillé par Hermès Paris.

Hermès' equestrian legacy has found its reflection in the car interior: the leather trim was created with the use of stitches and edge painting technique which was originally applied by saddle-makers. In the Phantom gallery – on the front panel display- a composition based on works by the famous French painter and illustrator Pierre Peron (1905-1988) is placed, who created a great number of legendary patterns for scarves under Hermès orders. This composition inspired by the famous Hermès equestrian grounds is depicted on a royal open-pore walnut tree.