Miu Miu presents the advertising campaign 2020

The campaign that inspires for a home photo shoot

When was the last time you found yourself in a confined space where time seemed to slow down, creating the effect of infinity before in your eyes? And when was the last time you felt that your inner world was just as important as your outer world, and you felt free to draw pictures of the future and who you might be? Most likely, it was in adolescence, with all the accompanying success and excitement, especially characteristic of girls. 

In January 2020, shortly before the isolation caused by the coronavirus and as a result of the inevitable appeal to the inner world of our own adult personality, the last Miu Miu advertising campaign for the autumn pre-collection 2020 was filmed, aimed at exploring the inner world of girls. This project reveals the whimsical power of femininity and fashion, which is reflected not just in the desired clothing and accessories, but also in the desire to find your "I". A dream-like inner world is created with the help of photographs by Douglas Irwin — his works reveal the manifestation of magic reflected in clothing in the external world. Blurred floral patterns and sparkling decorative elements, transparent framing and exalted movements make a contradictory contrast to the strict rules of photography and clothing art.